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Product Description

A nice package for 3 days, for 3 people or just a nice stock of healthy products.

The package contains the following homemade soups, juices and meals. All packed with vitamins and flavour. All soups are plant-based and vegan and ready to eat in no time!

Homemade soups from rescued vegetables without preservatives

MY DAHLING (Indian dahl soup, our favorite!)
MI AMORE (Organic tomato soup with vegan cream and pesto)
SWEETIE PIE (Sweet potato and pumpkin soup)

Slow juices full of fresh fruit

GREEN SEXY AND LEAN (based on spinach and green apples)
YOU MAKE ME GO BANANAS OVER YOU (lots of bananas and strawberry)
YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE (carrot and orange based)

We work with fresh products, without artificial fragrances, colors and flavors.

Delicious vegan meals

CHILI SIN CARNE (bean dish with lots of vegetables)
MI AMORE (penne pasta 'Arrabiata')
COCO JUMBO (vegan coconut curry with vegetables and fresh herbs)

Meals with lots of vitamins and full of flavour, good for health and your immune system.