Every day 6,000 people, mostly children, die from the lack of clean drinking water. Earthwater does not ask for money or volunteers, but whether you want to buy and drink the products. They donate 100% of their net profit to finance water projects. We catered the Earthwater customer event and have been partners for 10 years. Manic Organic is proud to be a sustainable partner of Earthwater.
Manic Organic sustainable catering Earthwater Manic Organic sustainable catering Earthwater

Department of Justice

It Ministry of Justice and Security ensures the rule of law in the Netherlands, so that people can live together in freedom, regardless of their lifestyle or beliefs. Around Christmas, ManicOrganic organized the Ministry's wrong Xmas party with sustainable snacks, salads and burgers. What a great and sustainable party that was! Everyone went loose for a while, what a freedom.

Terlouw Rotterdam

There was an evening in combination with, a networking event for women. With topics such as diversity. We provided the catering in the desired style from the food truck Terlouw Rotterdam!


Nedelko is our trusted partner and supplier of electrotechnical materials, (intelligent) LED lighting and energy and safety solutions. At Nedelko we organized a sustainable customer event.

Nature and environment foundation

The world is clean, healthy and sustainable is the mission of foundation nature and environment. And that is exactly what ManicOrganic stands for, because we cater for a better world. We ran the Flexitaria campaign for them 5 years ago and operated their flexitaria food truck at several sampling events. That was such a success that we bought the Flexitaria after a collaboration of 3 years.

Postcode lottery

Also the Postcode Lottery is a socially driven organization. Just like ManicOrganic, they strive for a better and sustainable world. Continuously taking into account people, animals and the environment. On January 5, we surprised the winners with our sustainable snacks and vegetarian burgers.

Wellant College

Wellant mbo Rijswijk is the sustainable MBO in the Haaglanden region. They prepare the students for a green future. In January, ManicOrganic provided the catering for the Wellant's sustainable staff party. What a fun and sustainable event that was!

State lottery

The State lottery is the lottery in the Netherlands. The Staatsloterij has a clear ambition; Making the Netherlands happy and healthy. She organized a staff lunch for 250 people, with ManicOrganic as a caterer. It was a great event and sustainable too! We are proud that we have had such a large client taste our sustainable specialties.

Young Capital

Young people are the future, so indispensable for any company.  Young Capital believes in the power of young people, just like ManicOrganic. Young people drive innovation in organizations. There was an evening in combination with, a networking event for women. With topics such as diversity. We provided the catering in the desired style from the food truck!

YOUNG CAPITAL - Desert YOUNG CAPITAL - ManicOrganic YOUNG CAPITAL - ManicOrganic - salad

Sax with the dj


Smart-Up network

De Kuyper

The Perfect wedding






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Sustainable The Hague


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Zank You
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