The ManicOrganic Flexitaria in collaboration with Neighborhood Kitchens!

We have already celebrated a culinary party in many streets, districts and neighborhoods with the ManicOrganic Flexitaria food truck. You could find us at the following community kitchens: Koningsplein in The Hague, Park Leeuwenbergh in Leidschendam, the Netherlands de Bertus Rimaweg in The Hague, On Plein Marie Curieweg in De Bilt. And to the Mozartlaan in Voorschoten.

Keep this page and our social channels Stay tuned for updates on Neighborhood Kitchens! We hope to be near you soon too!

Do you also want to organize something fun for your neighbourhood? Invite our Flexitaria food truck! Become an ambassador and you can eat and drink for free for 50 euros!

Must have
♥ We need a place to stand of at least 10 x 3 meters.
♥ You can arrange 3 free power groups of 230V within 50 meters of the Flexitaria.
♥ Standard socket connections are sufficient.
♥ In about 1.5 hours we set up the Flexitaria and in an hour we break down and clean up.

Nice to have
♥ You promote in your neighborhood via apps such as Hoplr and Nextdoor, via Facebook or the neighborhood WhatsApp group, you hang flyers at all companies and your neighbors in your area.
♥ Smiley happy people

We provide a Corona proof neighborhood party. You and your neighbors pre-order so that we can prepare properly and quickly prepare your orders. We pick up the orders in closing times so that everyone stays at a safe and healthy distance from each other. So pure enjoyment! For more information or for reservations, go to: FOODTRUCK HOME AMBASSADOR

Check out the Flexitaria Neighborhood Kitchens menu below. Lets eat!

Food truck Flexitaria menu Neighborhood kitchens

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