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Laurens van Luin - 'Sustainability is actually very sexy and hip'

Laurens owns ManicOrganic, which stands for sustainability and good food.

Laurens van Luin - 'Sustainability is actually very sexy and hip'

Who: Laurens van Luin
Company: ManicOrganic
What: Sustainable caterer

What are you doing in the field of sustainability in The Hague?

“From my company I try to tackle everything from a sustainable perspective. It already starts with the interior. The table is made of scaffolding wood, the carpet is recycled, and basically everything has been reused. We naturally work with sustainable products for our dishes, we use sustainable packaging and our bus runs on green gas.

We all do this from a contemporary, hip approach. Our dishes must look good. That is our core business. If our product is not good and does not look good, we will not sell well. The total picture must be right. We want to inspire others to eat sustainably, and show that sustainability is very hip and sexy.

You can also run a good business with it. I encourage people to do business based on your empathy. When people approach it that way, they know what is good.

When I was 26, I really had a wake-up call. I had completed the Hotel School and then I was diagnosed with cancer. It had already spread. I sat on the sidelines for two years fighting this disease. I then said to myself: if I am better, then I want to do business and make the world a more beautiful place every day. This is what I stand for and this is what I want to do. I know how you can do a lot with little. In this I find strength to inspire people and to do something great myself. ”

Who do you work with in the field of sustainability in The Hague?

“I work together with Duurzaam Den Haag and ANNA Vastgoed. In addition, I have sometimes worked with The Hague FM. I have also won a number of awards and have been featured in Jamie Oliver Magazine a number of times. In addition, I have sometimes been interviewed by local media about nutrition, trends and sustainability.

I have also thought about providing sustainable consultancy to startups outside the festival season. I would like to help these people. For example, I tried to set up a network club with innovative and young companies, but unfortunately that did not work. Entrepreneurs spend a lot of time on implementation and are therefore already busy 'doing things.' As a result, there is little interest in such an active networking club. ”

What is your ambition for the future in terms of sustainable entrepreneurship?

“A second food truck and my international cooking vlog are planned for this year. I would also like to see that we can realize the food truck concept within The Hague. This can be done, for example, by a Store in Store concept or at a location with a lot of foot traffic. There just make beautiful and delicious food with influences from street food and haute cuisine. That would be cool.

Actually, for our sustainability, I would like to be brought to the larger events in The Hague. We are doing well everywhere, winning prizes, but we are not yet at the Festivals in The Hague. In the interest of sustainability, there is still a lot to be done in The Hague in the field of exposure and connection.

In addition, I keep traveling to gain new impulses and inspiration for new dishes. This makes me a more complete and beautiful person and a better version of myself. Through these journeys I learn to judge from other angles. ”

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