In the little frog country

 Come from the land of croquettes, frikandelles… which you can order right up to the Spanish coast. But not at ManicOrganic. Get rid of those standard snacks, houmous with jalapeno and coriander is much hipper and healthier too. ManicOrganic has already run many events in the Netherlands. Below you will find some of our highlights.

Various Christmas Festival 2015 & 2016

 It was 3 days full of fun and especially hungry people. But we did it! With our loyal Flexitaria Foodtruck and Winter BBQ stand, we surprised the people of the Allerhande Christmas Festival with a fun twist to the Christmas menu. Christmas and veggie go very well together.

Sjoerd from 'Happy with Sjoerd' also enjoyed himself very much in our food truck. This can be found on it Youtube Channel from Sjoerd. All in all it was a fun and inspiring day and we can safely say that it was also a bit 'Happy with Manic Organic'. 

Nijmegen Four Days Marches 2016

The Four Days is a multi-day hiking performance tour in which tens of thousands of hikers participate every year. They come to Nijmegen from all over the world to walk for four days in the Waalstad and its beautiful, wooded surroundings. Of course there is also a lot to be done as an encouragement. The SMKMRKT was an amalgamation of delicious food and lots of fun. ManicOrganic was proud to be here. Let's do it again!

CRIMINAL WORK, Square fear & By the Creek Festival 2016

The largest dance festivals in the Netherlands. With millions of visitors in total, there were a lot of hungry bellies to fill. ManicOrganic thought it was very special to go among the standard festival food trucks. Veggie is hip & delicious and more visitors are open to it.

Liberation Festival Wageningen 2015 & 2016

May 5 is the day of the Liberation and also the day of Freedom. We realize on that day that freedom cannot be taken for granted, that it is everyone's responsibility to maintain and share freedom. A great way to reflect on this is the Liberation Festival. ManicOrganic also finds this very important and was happy to be a part of this.

SAIL Amsterdam 2015

All hands on deck! SAIL Amsterdam was the nautical center of the world for 5 days. And ManicOrganic was allowed to be part of this. Almost 2.3 million visitors enjoyed the beautiful Tall Ships, the performances and the atmosphere. And we also really enjoyed it.

The Orange Experience 2014: Heineken & KLM

King's Day may be a phenomenon in our country, but few people across the border are aware of the existence of this festival. A missed opportunity, because our national birthday party offers an excellent opportunity to proudly present the Dutch identity.

Heineken and KLM have therefore teamed up to give 10 Americans The Orange Experience. With a guest appearance by Armin van Buren and a canal cruise, their day was complete. ManicOrganic also showed its 'Dutch pride' and we turned it into a smashing party!

Across the border

ManicOrganic is going global! In addition to all our events in the Netherlands, we are also hired by our fans all over the world. From Mexico to Istanbul. We are coming. Below you will find some of our highlights. 


 Instanbul. A country full of cultures and sparkling flavors. ManicOrganic provided catering for several dance events. A great experience that we still look back on with great pleasure. ManicOrganic provided ao Live in Color 2015, Top 100 DJ, I AM Hardwell organized by One Colony


Belgium. Doubted about Belgium… well ManicOrganic not! We have organized many weddings and business events in Belgium. A day full of love and passion, what more could you want? Well delicious veggie burgers and they got them too.

Puerto Rico

Wine, an amazing view, a warm summer evening & delicious food. ManicOrganic can take care of all this for you during a private dinner. And also in a fantastic location like Puerto Rico. Already craving an avocado salad, a tasty Piña Colada or Adobo chicken?

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