With no meat for one day you save as much water as with a month without showering.

Eating meat is bad for the environment, health and animal welfare. This is evident from the practices in the slaughterhouse in Tielt. Yet the Dutch government refuses to discourage this for the time being.

Many Dutch people are convinced that they eat healthy. That is an illusion. The eating habits of the average Dutch person are unhealthy, wasteful and harmful to the environment. This was shown again at the beginning of this year from a report by the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). The most important message: we are still eating too much meat. Too much meat? But hasn't a lot changed in the Netherlands with regard to meat consumption?


Vegetarian food has become quite salonfähig, right? About ten years ago, vegetarians were still dismissed as goat wool socks - nowadays few people are surprised when someone says not to eat meat. Every self-respecting restaurant has a vegetarian dish on the menu. And there are more and more meat substitutes on the market that are also being sold better. Even veganism is on the rise, albeit modest, in the Netherlands.

About the author: Laurens