How it works

Order and delivery
You can order our products from Wednesday morning until Monday evening 12 o'clock in our online shop. We then prepare the orders fresh – so we don't have any waste! – and the ordered products will be delivered to your home the following Tuesday!

  • Our products can be ordered every day with a minimum order value of € 24,50.
  • The packages are delivered at home on successive Tuesdays between 17:00 and 22:00.
  • When you order, make sure you or your neighbors can receive the package to ensure freshness.*
  • Be quick, because we have a limited edition!

You can order our delicious juices, smoothies, soups and meals here.

In these regions we deliver
Our 'green' delivery service, delivers to the following places and zip code areas ->
Wassenaar (2240 – 2269), Voorschoten (2250 – 2254), Leidschendam (2260 – 2268), Voorburg (2270 – 2275), Rijswijk (2280 – 2289), Wateringen (2290 – 2292), Kwintsheul (2295), The Hague ( 2490 – 2491 + 2493 – 2495 + 2500 – 2597), The Hague Ypenburg (2496 – 2498) Leidschenveen (2492), Delft 2600 – 2629), Nootdorp (2630 – 2632), Den Hoorn (2635), Pijnacker (2640 – 2643 ), Berkel en Rodenrijs (2650 – 2652), Naaldwijk (2670 – 2673), Honselersdijk (2675), De Lier (2678), Monster (2680 – 2681), Ter Heijde (2684), Poeldijk (2685) and 's Gravenzande (2690 – 2694).

  • Delivery consecutive Tuesday (daily fresh)
  • The delivery costs are € 5.00 per order up to 20 kg.
  • Delivery costs for orders above 20kg are 9,50.
  • Orders from  55.00 will be delivered free of charge!
  • With an order of more than € 25.00 you get a free product! Let yourself be surprised! It's tasty and healthy anyway.

Shelf life
After thawing, the soups can be kept for a maximum of 4 days and can be frozen again (refrigerated at max 7C, but we recommend 3 – 4C). The soups can be stored for +/- 3 months in the freezer at a minimum of -18C. If you want to eat the soups, thaw the soup in the refrigerator for 18 to 24 hours.

At the moment, plastic is the most environmentally friendly solution. Fewer resources are needed to create, ship and distribute it than glass or paper. We use polyethylene terephthalate #1 (PET #1) plastic because it is sturdy and safe to use. This type of plastic is also best recycled, because of course we don't want it to end up in the sea and contribute to the 'plastic soup'.

Recycling Tips!
The plastic soup bowl does not have to be thrown away after use! Wash the container and use it to store screws, beads, food (nuts, kernels, seeds, etc), or put some soil in it and plant your own vegetables, cuttings and herbs! Are the mayo bottles empty? Time for a refill! Make your own salad dressing, decoration for dessert or a homemade mayo.

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*Are you or your neighbors not present to receive the package? Then we are not liable for the result.

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